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Artist Statement

     The thing that defines me most is my love for hockey.  Whether it is playing, watching, or reading about hockey, my life revolves around it.  My latest artwork has begun to incorporate the aesthetics of the sport into it.  There is a lot of visual information available within the sport: the designs of the jerseys, the forms and folds of the jerseys when worn (or not worn), the players on the ice, the fans of the game and the specialized equipment of its various positions.  Each of these things could be considered a form of art in itself, from the sculptural form of a goalie’s mask, the colorful elements of a team’s jersey, or the drama that takes place in the game itself, with a full range of emotions that can be experienced throughout. 


     My family and friends play a large role in my life, and since most of them share the same passion about hockey as I have, I've started to include these people and their relationship with the sport into my work as well.  Hockey lends itself to limitless potential for artistic expression.  I want the viewer of my artwork to experience the same passion that I have towards the game.