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     The Kansas City Peacocks are based on my wife, Casey Vittetoe.  Casey has adored peacocks for as long as I’ve known her.  In fact, our wedding decorations were peacock themed.  Teal also played a prominent role in our wedding décor.  When we first met, Casey had no interest in sports, but had very limited knowledge of hockey.  I took her to a Tulsa Oilers game on our first date because I knew that whether or not she could appreciate hockey it would potentially be a deal breaker for furthering our relationship.  Fortunately, she enjoyed the game and we have been inseparable ever since.  Although her passion for sports is not at the level of my own, she has been very supportive of allowing me to fuel my addictions.  Whether allowing me to spend an entire weekend watching as many football games as possible or sitting in the cold as a spectator while I play hockey, she has provided ample encouragement in our journey through life.  The number 16 is for the date of our anniversary (June 16).